Thursday, June 19, 2008


We got some pictures of the house that was destroyed. I've posted all of them in my photobucket album, but here are a few of the striking ones:
There used to be a porch in the front, all the way under the awning, and around that bay window. There was also a wheelchair ramp. The posts from the awning stayed in place, they were dug into the ground, but the porch and ramp are gone. The house is moved off the foundation.

My jaw dropped when I looked at this closely. The floor has fallen, and you can see the grass peeking out. Also, that color is NOT the carpet. It's sand and mud.
In the dining room, you can see where the floor is buckling. It's covered in sand and mud as well. The water line is just an inch below the open window.

Just a warning, sappy reading ahead:

I can't imagine having my home covered in sand and mud. Losing precious photographs, records, and memoribilia. Having the floor fall out from beneath me. I am SO grateful that everyone dear to me is safe. I'm thankful that my house has stayed dry and intact, despite the county I live in being a declared disaster area. I am humbled to have an opportunity to help out, and I appreciate the help that is being given.

I think if I've learned anything about disasters in recent times, its that we need to bond together and help one another. I heard some streets were so filled with cars of people that have come to help in this town, they couldn't drive down it. It's times like these where the true character of people come through.

I was going to write about some personal goals, but I'll save that for another time.

PS- We've gotten our first official donation, and I've got an order for an entire batch of my chocolate chip cookies? Anyone else, before I go to the store Saturday morn?

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