Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Good morning!

I've been up since 3am. Not necessarily because I wanted to be, but that's when hubby got up for work, and my mind has been racing since.

So, after laying in bed 2 hours, I finally decided to get my tooshie out of bed. As I'm typing this, I'm designing an e-vite for the BBQ fundraiser we're organizing.

You see, my in-laws live in Indiana and are currently underwater. My father-in-law is always the first one to help people. He's does volunteer work for St. Vincent DePaul, picking up furniture, storing it in his garage, and dropping it off to folks that need it. He uses his own vehicle for this! And now he needs help. He's got a 10" hole in his roof, and a foot of water in his basement that is coming back in as fast as they pump it out. All that water killed their HVAC unit.
My grandfather-in-law needs help too. His home is off the foundation, and he lost 2 vehicles. I was told he nearly drowned leaving his home as the porch gave way underneath him.
Here are pictures off of Flickr for some examples of the flooding there.
As soon as I have pictures from my in-laws I will get them posted.

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