Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter well-wishes!

Hey there,

I'm typing this on my new mini laptop-- I think my fingers are a little too big for it. LOL

Happy Easter all!

We're visiting my in-laws in Indiana this weekend. I'm either crashing from the sugar buzz, or there's Tryptophan in chicken. Hmm. When's dessert?

Anywho, hope you had a blessed Easter!

Thursday, March 26, 2009


Long time no blog, eh?

Well, the low-down would be we've been without computer since, well... November. So, what, 4 months? I've had limited use at work, but hey, I'm not going to use my work computer to update my blog... and the library just wasn't workin. I could barely find a book, let alone sit down on a computer with 3 of the 4 crazy kids trying to dive off of library shelves! Ok- maybe they're not quite that bad, but they're close, really. I mean, remember back in November our youngest had broken her arm diving off the bed. Which healed amazingly fast- before Christmas even.
So, here are some pics that show what I've been up to. Not a thing crafty, pretty much since Christmas. I admit- I've been quite lazy in that sense. But, for Christmas I made several sock monkeys, a quilt, a baby doll, and a PC Twilight figure (for my baby sis). I've made one other quilt since, and have another I'm supposed to be working on...
Oh, and we've added to parakeets to the family. This one, on Caylin's shoulder is Tweety. She's sweet, but shy. Tweety is Caylin's bird. The other bird, named Vader (can you tell it's Tommy's?), is a little more open to people, but is very protective of Tweety, and will call for her if they're separated.
Oh yeah, my camera has bit the bullet too. It won't even turn on. It has been sent to the deep dark abyss of Mike's work "shop".