Saturday, June 21, 2008

Gonna need a bigger... bowl.

After eating my oh-so-healthy breakfast of pancakes made by yours truly, and eggs made by Caylin; I began cooking. Today's title popped into my head numerous times today.

First from the potatoes that I was boiling for potato salad- 2 pots full.

But then, for the quadruple batch of chocolate chip cookies I was baking. It took 9 cups of flour, 8 eggs, 8 sticks of butter, and 3 cups each of sugar and brown sugar. I never thought I'd need a bowl bigger than this one! Luckily it barely fit, and I think the only thing it splattered on was Mike's lunch! He didn't mind too much though.

We took a break in the afternoon for my cousins' graduation party. I'm starting to feel old now- I remember when they were born, and I used to babysit them!

Even little Maya enjoyed swimming today. If she wasn't in the pool, or being held she was running for the pool. She really enjoyed herself!

With the 2 1/2 hour break, cookies were finally finished tonight at about 8:30pm. I think we've only lost 3 or 4 to the kids and Mike so far- I've got to divee them up, so they can dig in. Don't they look delicious? They're yummy and melt in your mouth soft. Visit us tomorrow, and you can have your very own! ;-)

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