Tuesday, June 10, 2008

First order of business

Welcome to Confessions of a Crafty Mom!!!

I'm new at this, so I hope you don't mind the clutter. It might take me a while to get sit-iated. Forum Smileys

This weekend we were lucky enough to have the Bead and Button show in town, on my birthday I might add. I demo-ed for about a half hour at the National Polymer Clay Guild booth, until I was booted out of my chair by Christi Friesen. I couldn't have been booted out by a cooler person! She sculpted this awesome little seahorse in about 10 seconds. Ok, maybe a little longer, but never-the-less awesome. If there's anyone out there that has any pictures from the show, send me a comment! I'd love to see some and/or post them up here!

So, I know I mentioned my birthday... I just have to brag, I got 4 (YES 4!) vases of drop-dead gorgeous flowers.

Aren't they awesome?! Thanks Mom, Sue & Mark, honey, and kids!
It's 2 hours past my bedtime, and I'll be turning into a pumpkin any minute. More tomorrow kidies!

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