Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Wishing Stars

Well, we're still not exactly back to normality, but we're headed in the right direction I think. Last night was the Meet & Greet at Caylin's school, and today Tommy had his bus orientation. And I'm still working on the wishing stars. They're cut out now!

To be honest, I don't have a whole lot to write about today. I would like to show these image transfers I was working on last night.

Also, I drew this a while ago, but colored it today. I plan on making a cane with it, but I'm not sure what color to make the background. I was thinking a faux wood would be really neat, but I'm not completely sure how I would do that (although I have an idea or two). If you have any thoughts, leave a comment below!

I would like to say I was feeling a bit in a funk today. I meandered over to and found a couple of great articles.

The first is "Are You on the Right Course?" by Martha Beck. She believes that there's a superhero in everyone of us, we just have to peel down the layers to find our spandex-clad super-selves. Pretty good read for someone down in the dumps.

The other is "6 steps to Get Your Creativity Flowing" As told to Jancee Dunn. There are some great insights from Tom Kelly- IDEO's general manager.

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Amber Dawn McNabb said...

These are great articles thank you!