Thursday, August 21, 2008

It's gonna be a loooong night

Can you believe it's almost Friday already? This week has zoomed by! I can't believe I haven't even blogged since we've returned from Disney! Yes, we did survive... although I wasn't postive we were going to get out before Fay hit. BTW- the hotel had the cutest comforters on the bed. I was there almost a day before I realized that the characters from Nemo were on it!

So seriously, it's 11:09 pm here in Wisconsin- and I'm only halfway done with what I need to do tonight. My mother's birthday is tomorrow, which always means a late night for me. I suppose if I started her birthday presents sooner, I wouldn't have to stay up quite so late, but that just takes all the fun out of it!
Thus far, I've made guacamole, made a custom envelope, made her present, and wrapped said present. I'd show it to you, but my mom reads my blog from time to time... Hi Mom!

Still left to do for tonight, and going into this morning- downloading 158 pictures from said Disney trip. I've also got to pack up these letter tiles to go to the PCAGOE Alphabet project. We're making 2 mosaics of polymer clay letter tiles that will be donated. I don't believe they've decided on who it'll go to, but if memory serves, there was talk of a children's hospital. But, it doesn't matter- they were a blast to make!

Oh, yeah, and I've got to pack tonight, because we're going out of town again! This time, we're going to my uncle's cottage "up north", eh. That's Wisconsin talk for even further north than we already are. And we get to behave slightly less civilized and enjoy things like walking barefoot through shallow water with our pants rolled up to our knees. Or catching frogs and turtles and fish. Or getting four wheelers stuck in some muddy spot.
PS- It's now 12:51 am. I was going to make some of these muffins posted on Lisa Clarke's blog, but I'm all out of steam. Get ready to laugh- maybe I'll do it in the morning before I go to work. Hahahaha!

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