Sunday, August 24, 2008

Back to normality?

We're back from "up north" and I'm missing it already. Its so calm and peaceful. The cold crisp air is so refreshing in the morning. And the smell of sweet flowers, grasses and vegetables saturates the air.

Even cruising through the fields on the ATV's was relaxing. Feeling the cool breeze on my face was just what I needed.

Even Caylin got to ride on her own- with the help of a speed regulator. She did great!

Tommy caught a blue gill that was about 6-7 inches long. Not bad for a Lightning McQueen fishing pole manned by a four year old. Unfortunately, I was in town when it happened, and the camera wasn't handy. It was the only fish caught all weekend. I do have my own fish story, but you'd never believe me....

Tomorrow the eldest of our brood goes back to school, with the youngest starting school September 5th. This week is full of meetings and getting ready to go back to school. We've begun labeling school supplies, and packing backpacks. For the 2 grade-schoolers, we've made wishing stars, with goals written on them. We'll be hanging them in their room, and as they accomplish their goals, we'll be putting them on a board for everyone to see. Tommy's goals include learning to write his letters. Caylin wants to read 1 chapter book a week. It's been great for getting them excited about school. I'll put up pictures once they're hung.

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