Monday, September 1, 2008

Your Mission...

...should you choose to accept it:

Go vote for your favorite textured entry at PCAGOE!!
This month's challenge was "texture". All of the entries are so wonderful, I'm not sure which one will win! Don't forget, by voting you're automatically entered to win one of two fabulous prize packages!

I gave my husband a mission this weekend. It was to clean out all of my son's GI Joe accessories. It was all supposed to fit into one box. In his opinion, we just need a bigger box. But, in mission control's eyes, well... he didn't make it out alive.

So far this weekend, I have cleaned out my son's room and the garage. Still on my to-do list is the basement. But the sun is shining so bright and beautiful outside, I'm not sure I can force myself into the basement for too long.

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