Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Deals, Portfolios, and Careers, Oh My!

As a woman, and I know this is a bit stereotypical, I L-O-V-E shopping, but I particularly love finding things on clearance to re-purpose and use for something else. I found this nifty shower caddy on clearance at Target- simply because it was labeled as "College 2008"- for around $2.50. The same kind of thing is at Walmart for just under $5. While I have no need for lugging around my bath and body products, it's working out great for toting stuff to and from the "studio" (aka basement). It's got the 2 large compartments big enough for baking tiles, and some smaller ones for things like tools, rubber finger cots, and a few lumps of clay. Perfect for when I don't want to be lonely in the cold, damp basement. PS- If you look closely, you can see my latest project- for the PCAGOE Day of the Dead Challenge!

This evening, I was supposed to be meeting with some other women for a networking dinner party of sorts, but unfortunately it was rescheduled. One good thing has come of it- I spent a good portion of yesterday evening formatting and printing a portfolio of my work.

There's so much I don't have anymore, and some of my favorite pieces have found loving homes far far away. This is a great way to showcase those things! Just a small 3-ring binder with page protectors. I had one with the clear plastic cover, so I printed up a nice cover as well.

Lastly, I stumbled upon this fun little test. It takes the colors that you like and dislike and tells you what career path you should take. I was pretty surprised at how accurrate (in my opinion anyway) it was! Give it a shot!

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kraftykash said...

I love clearance too! You can find some fun stuff at Target. When my daughter was little she called it "The Circle with the Dot in the Middle Store". Enjoy your day!